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The Department of Chemistry at the University of Oxford is continually developing its outreach programme with a focus on the following:

INSPIRE - Increase understanding of Chemistry as a vibrant, relevant and 'living' science.

Our outreach programme provides educational experiences in schools, community groups, Oxford colleges and the Chemistry Teaching Laboratory (CTL), with the aim of increasing the understanding of the relevance, and value of, Chemistry and its place in society. 

ASPIRE - Encourage young people of aptitude, especially those from non-traditional backgrounds, to consider studying Chemistry at university. 

We collaborate with Oxford colleges, institutions, faculties, departments, other universities, learned societies and charities to provide opportunities for young people to discover the value of post-18 study.

ATTAIN - Enable young people to fulfil their academic potential.

We support student curricular and super-curricular achievement, and the teachers, and technician professionals, with whom they study. 


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Saskia O'Sullivan
Educational Outreach Officer

Chemistry Teaching Laboratory
South Parks Road
Oxford, OX1 3PS

E: outreach@chem.ox.ac.uk
T: 01865 281510


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