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The Department of Chemistry Outreach team works with schools and colleges from across the United Kingdom to promote and teach chemistry to students of all ages. They team deliver lectures, masterclasses, tours, mock interviews and are involved in many other events that are run by Oxford University.

Head and shoulders photo of Soozy Smith, schools liaison officerSoozy Smith is responsible for the delivery and development of all outreach within the Department of Chemistry.

She has many years experience teaching chemistry and general science in a state secondary school, and has also worked with primary and preschool children and teachers to improve the teaching of science from an early age.

Dr. Malcolm Stewart is head of the Undergraduate Teaching Laboratory and Lecturer at St Hugh's College.  
He is passionate about the importance of practical work in chemistry to engage and inspire students.
The Chemistry Teaching Laboratory Team use their expertise to support outreach and help develop new practicals.

Our Ambassadors

Outreach is an excellent opportunity for our undergraduate and DPhil (PhD) students to share their love of chemistry, develop their communication skills, and give younger students an up to date and realistic view of life as an Oxford student.  We ensure that all our ambassadors are given the training and support they need to work safely and enthusiastically with young people.
If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please take a look at our Ambassadors page and fill out the registration form.
If you would like to learn more about the Outreach Team, please contact us at outreach@chem.ox.ac.uk.


Soozy Smith
Schools Liaison & Outreach

Chemistry Teaching Laboratory
South Parks Road
Oxford, OX1 3PS

E: outreach@chem.ox.ac.uk
T: 01865 281510