Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

If you are an undergraduate, postgraduate or postdoctoral researcher in Chemistry, then you are invited to become an Ambassador for the department.

To register interest, please fill in this form.

What do we do?

• Workshops in schools
• Spectroscopy in a Suitcase
• Workshops in the Chemistry Teaching Labs
• Demonstration lectures
• Open Days
• Residential Courses (UNIQ)
• Aspiration-raising events
• Departmental Tours
• HE Fairs
• Links with public engagement activities (eg science festivals)

What are our aims?

• Inspire young people to study chemistry at a higher level.
• Improve public understanding of science and the perception of chemistry as a subject.
• Support teachers in delivering high quality chemistry teaching.
• Change the public perception of Oxford University as an institution.

What's in it for you?

• Fun and rewarding
• Support and inspire future chemists
• Improve your communication and presentation skills
• Some paid opportunities!
• And the age-old reason:  'it looks good on your CV'

What are you committing to?

• This form registers your interest. You are not committing to anything by registering. 
• You will be invited to training and/or opportunities to be involved in outreach and public engagement. 
• You may be asked to fill in a brief feedback form for the events with which you are involved.