Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

    Date: 9th December 2015
    Venue: Oxford University Museum of Natural History
    Audience: Year 9 students 

    Every year The Chemistry Department hosts a Christmas lecture for students from schools across Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties at The Museum of Natural History.

    Last year Dr. Malcolm Stewart and Dr. Fabrice Birembaut gave us live demonstrations that entertained and educated in equal measure.

    The sort of chemistry you never get to see at school: bafflingtantalising and LOUD! Following each lecture students take part in a Science Quiz around the Museum.

    "Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to attend your wonderful Science Lectures. We thoroughly enjoyed it! I’ve had positive feedback from both year 9 students and their parents!"

    If you are interested in attending this event please contact jonathan.lowe@mpls.ox.ac.uk

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