Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

Key Stage 4 workshops are suitable for all abilities but aim to stretch the more able students. 

The experiments are designed to supplement understanding of the school curriculum while also being engaging and providing opportunities to apply knowledge to new situations.

Blueprinting - mix a light-sensitive dye and use it to create a blueprint design on paper or cloth

Chemistry & Art - synthesis of paint pigments

Aluminium Air Battery - make a battery using aluminium foil, sodium hydroxide and activated carbon, which can power an LED

Hydrogen Fuel Cell -  Use electrolysis of dilute sulfuric acid to produce hydrogen and oxygen.  These will then be allowed to recombine producing a current. 

Ferrofluids - prepare magnetite and use it to make a water-soluble ferrofluid and an oil-soluble ferrofluid. 

Gold Nanospheres - prepare gold nanospheres and observe their properties

Chill Out Challenge - investigate endothermic reactions 

Perspective - classroom-based workshop on isomers and drawing organic molecules in 3D.

Spectroscopy in a Suitcase - running IR spectra, and interpreting IR and MS to identify substances.

Department Tour - optional add-on after a workshop