Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

At KS5 our aim is to support the teaching of AS/A2 Chemistry by providing access to equipment and experiments that are difficult to run in a school laboratory.  Most workshops therefore take place in the Chemistry Teaching Laboratories in Oxford.  

We are also providers of the RSC Spectroscopy in a Suitcase initiative - our ambassadors will bring kit to your school and run workshops in which students run their own IR spectra and identify compounds using mass spec, IR and NMR techniques.

A number of our PhD and PostDoc researchers are interested in coming to talk to your students about their research and their career path and aspirations.  You can view the talks available here

Online Workshop: Chiral Chemistry - Explore the importance of understanding chirality and the role it plays in biological systems. 

Combinatorial Esters - Synthesise an ester, purify it, and calculate the yield. 
Use IR ad NMR spectroscopy to identify the starting material and the product.

Cough Sweet UV/Vis - Create a calibration curve and use it to determine the amount of dye in a cough sweet.

Identification of Unknowns - separate an inorganic and organic compound, then use flame tests, TLC, melting point, IR, NMR to identify

Introduction to the Analytical Facilities - Tour and talks about Crystallography, NMR and Mass Spec.

RSC Spectroscopy in a Suitcase - School-based visit - run IR spectra and analyse mass spec, IR and NMR.

Department Tour - optional add-on after a workshop