Maths and Science Teachers Conference, 2015

Date: June 2016 (TBC)
Venue: National Science Learning Centre, York
Audience: Maths and Science Teachers


The Maths and Science Teachers' Conference has the following aims:

  • To equip teachers with additional tools and resources to support maths and science students in their own schools and colleges who are considering progressing to STEM subjects at Oxford and other leading universities.
  • To offer teachers a stimulating programme of seminars that we hope will extend their own interest in these subjects, as well as the students they teach.
  • To provide advice and guidance on the Oxford admissions process from identifying and supporting candidates to admissions testing and interviews.

The conference is coordinated by the Undergraduate Admissions Office and sessions are led by experienced Oxford tutors from across the collegiate University with first-hand knowledge of our admissions processes. There will also be current undergraduate students attending who will  talk about their own experiences of studying maths, sciences and related subjects.

The programme for the day includes mock interview sessions in which tutors and students demonstrate the kind of questions applicants face in maths and science interviews.

There is also a free buffet lunch and an opportunity to network with other institutions from the region and with Oxford staff and students.

If you have any further enquiries about the Maths and Science Teachers’ Conference, please email teachers@admin.ox.ac.uk, or telephone 01865 270554.