Primary Science Day

Date: 27th June 2019
Venue: Chemistry Department, Oxford
Audience: Year 5 and Year 6 school students interested in science and maths

The day aims to enrich their studies of maths and science through a range of short hands on workshops which will include Chemistry, Materials Science, Physics and Maths.


“Please give our thanks to all concerned. We all had a great day and the children learned a lot - they were talking about various aspects of the day on our walk back to school. As a teacher , it was a real luxury just listening to the children talking about their learning throughout the day.”
“It was brilliantly organised. What a fascinating day, well-resourced and so generously staffed to support each child’s thinking. Thank you so much for bringing science alive and challenging stereotypes about who/what a scientist is/does!”
For further information email: jonathan.lowe@mpls.ox.ac.uk