Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

Audience: Year 10-12 students

Student number: 20

Duration: 1.5-2hrs


Students have the wonderful opportunity to run their own IR spectra and interpret both Mass Spectra and IR Spectra as part of this workshop where they are investigating chemicals found at a crime scene. As well as covering the principles of spectroscopic techniques, the activities use real-life contexts to demonstrate the applications of the techniques.

The workshops have a strong emphasis on encouraging school pupils to consider studying chemistry and the career opportunities available. This is an RSC project and further information including details to request a visit can be found here.



  • First of all, please congratulate your ambassadors for the SIAS scheme, they were absolutely brilliant and the kids really appreciated it. They learnt an awful lot and had very useful conversations as well about university life. I will certainly book it for next year!
  • I just wanted to convey my thanks and the thanks of my school for today‚Äôs visit. Your student ambassadors were not only knowledgeable, but also approachable and answered questions outside the scope of the session (about what it is like to study chemistry, and what it is like to study at Oxford University).  I was wondering if you could pass them my sincere thanks.