Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

‘Ask a Research Chemist’ – A super-curricular series for KS5 students

KS5 Chemistry students from state schools in the UK, Isle of Man and Channel Islands are invited to sign up to a series of enlightening talks over the coming Michaelmas Term 2020.

Students will have a week to watch the talk, which will be posted online, reflect and note any questions they may have, read any material that has been recommended, before joining a 45‑minute online live Q&A session with the researcher presenting the talk.

The Q&A sessions will be held on Thursdays from 16:00-16:45* in order to minimise disruption to the school day.

Students may attend without a teacher, provided we have a teacher contact and the student signs up with a valid school email address.

Please note, places are limited to students from state schools in the UK, Isle of Man and Channel Islands, and where we are oversubscribed we will prioritise places for students who meet our widening participation and access criteria.

*advance notice will be given if there is a change to the day or time of the Q&A.

‘Ask a Chemist’ – conversations around careers for chemists for KS1-KS5

The Royal Society of Chemistry recently launched a campaign focusing on careers in chemistry (Chemistry. Making the Difference), with useful short films, careers information and much more.

In order to promote the conversation around the careers that chemists go into, we are launching a monthly online live lunchtime Q&A with members of the Oxford Chemistry community, including current researchers, professional staff and our alumni.

These sessions are open to interested to all students (from KS1-KS5!) and teaching staff who are invited to submit questions in advance or during the session. If you would like to be kept informed of these sessions, please sign up here.