Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

    Students took part in the week long summer school which involved lectures, tutorials and practical laboratory workshops throughout the day and fun activities during the evenings including a formal dinner, sports day in the University Parks and a bop with some (rather questionable) fancy dress!

    Photographs from the week

    Students taking part in the Chill Out Challenge. A look into exothermic reactions with a competition as to who can get a temperature drop from a reaction closest to 8.2 degrees! This was taken during the final practical workshop in the Dyson Perrins Teaching Laboratory.

    Students taking part in the practical chemistry workshop on catalysis in the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratories.

    Students making a set of calibration standards to determine the concentration of dye in a cough sweet using UV Visible spectroscopy.

    Another shot of students making calibration standards in the Physical Chemistry Laboratory