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Emily Hayes

I am a Part II student working with the colloid group in the Oxford University Physical and Theoretical Teaching Lab. In my free time I play quidditch and it is my ambition to become a Chemistry teacher.



Ellen Gallimore

Ellen gained her MChem from Durham University in 2010. Following graduation she spent a year performing pharmaceutical analysis as part of the QC department at Aptuit (Abingdon) before moving to UCB (Slough) to take up a position as a medicinal chemist. In 2014, after three years working in the pharmaceutical industry, she began her DPhil studies in Oxford under the supervision of Prof. Chris Schofield. Her interests include drug discovery, medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, biocatalysis and science outreach.

We welcome individual requests from local schools or colleges for bespoke sessions, in your classroom or other venue, tailored to your requirements. 

We can do...

Demonstration lectures on a range of chemical topics such as fuels, energetics, catalysis, etc.

- Staff training on chemical demonstrations and experiments

- The Ambassadors have a range of workshops that they implement in schools

Contact us at outreach@chem.ox.ac.uk and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

The Alchemists are a group of staff and students from the University of Oxford’s Chemistry Department, who would be delighted to come out to your school or event to deliver interactive practical activities which aim to show off how exciting chemistry is and inspire enquiring minds.
We offer a variety of workshops for students across all key stages which we are happy to deliver in schools see list.

Generally a team of 2-5 Alchemists, will bring out all the specialist kit required to allow a pre-agreed number of students to carry out the chosen workshop. Please note, chemicals may need to be supplied by the host due to legal restrictions related to transportation.

We are keen to set up a dialogue with Teachers to discuss the most suitable workshop for you and how we can adapt or develop workshops to meet your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you feel a visit from the Alchemists is just what you need to inspire the next generation of budding scientists, then please fill out this form and email it to outreach@chem.ox.ac.uk.

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